Thursday, 9 November 2006


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Kyle Shank:

The light at the end of the tunnel is dimming for the developer/entrepreneur who wants to change the world. Act now.

At least, it isn't time anymore to build a video game alone, I believe.

Wil Shipley:

Don't listen to me.

via Dion Almaer.

Marc Hedlund:

What have I been learning: I’m learning to appreciate luck a lot more.

via Francesco.

PS: four posts in a row, that's a record.

Posted by Nicola Piccinini at 6:43 PM CET in /taken cues/

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Left by Francesco Bellomi at 9 Nov 9:01 PM

Actually, the most inspiring quotes of the MH interview are:

"It seems that a lot of folks get innovation and execution confused. Execution is the key, innovation is not. Innovation is nice, but execution is the secret weapon."


"There are no real new ideas in the world."


Left by Nicola Piccinini at 9 Nov 10:58 PM

I had to choose one and luck is more important than innovation and execution taken together ;-)