Monday, 3 October 2005

Into the geospatial community

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I'm peering into the nice geospatial online community and, some days ago, I ended up installing PostGIS on stakhanov (system configuration).

This quick guide (curiously it is cited even in Web Mapping Illustrated) is a bit out of date but still mostly correct. Only ignore the last lines about sed magic and the relative (broken) link to official PostGIS doc.

Moreover I've found geowanking, a mailing list full of interesting thread. For example "[Geowanking] more google and gis", "[Geowanking] GeoSkating" from which you arrive at an awesome Google Maps mashup and "[Geowanking] googlemaps and WMS".
For coincidence also Paolo Massa has written a post about GeoSkating recently, highlighting the author's Google Maps API experiments.
Application's beauty apart, the interesting fact is the idea to integrate layers on Google Maps from any WMS server: it seems that Google Maps is predisposed for integration with WMS and WFS although this is not well documented presently. This provide a standard way to use a well-done service that, with its extraordinary success, could become a "must have" for commercial web mapping. On Google Maps and GIS web services integration see also:

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