Sunday, 10 September 2006

Ruby libraries

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From a one month old post written by Sam Ruby:

The difference isn’t the language, but the libraries. Outside of Weirich and DHH, the Ruby libraries are at best uneven. This even includes libraries which are included with the language. Many seem to be baubles that were created by authors without an attention to detail, and subsequently abandoned.

I have played a lot with the Ruby language in this period and I've the same unpleasant feeling. Maybe, with the continuous growing (intuitively I agree with Pascal Belloncle's comment) in the interest for that language, the situation is going to improve. At least I hope so.

Editorial notes: this isn't a long post but I believe to have already accomplished my plan with an article (in Italian) on Superfluos; although the summer is almost finished, I doubt to be able to write more frequently in the future.

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