Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Virtual machines

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VirtualBox is a great product and works smoothly on Lenny. Kudos!

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Posted by Nicola Piccinini at 10:52 PM CEST in debian/

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Left by Francesco at 8 May 11:31 PM

There is a growing interest for VMs; for my next laptop I am considering a 4GB unix machine with some ready-to-use windows v-boxes (mainly for office duties).
It is amazing how all the development/productivity tools I use are nowadays platform independent -- or web based, such that everyone can choose its own OS of choice, regardless of the persisting Windows dominance.

Left by Nicola Piccinini at 8 May 11:57 PM

yeah, the situation for who doesn't use a Microsoft OS is constantly going better :-) but
also VMs aren't a panacea. For example not trivial network configuration seems not as easy as base setup (but I haven't had the need to try yet).